Dr. Satish Raj Joins the STAT Scientific Advisory Board

STAT Health is honored to welcome Dr. Satish Raj to our Scientific Advisory Board.

Satish R Raj, MD, MSCI is a Cardiologist and founded the Calgary Autonomic Investigation & Management Clinic at University of Calgary. Previously, he spent 12 years at the Vanderbilt Autonomic Dysfunction Center in Nashville, TN, and was a past President of the American Autonomic Society.

He is focused on understanding and treating POTS, VVS, and OH.

Now, Dr. Raj is excited about using STAT to ensure treatment of autonomic disorders goes beyond just heart rate and blood pressure, to prioritize blood flow to the head!

If you haven't seen this video already, please enjoy our favorite workshop by Dr. Raj, here presenting his research on blood volume and hemodynamics in POTS at the Dysautonomia International annual conference. Dr. Raj's research is actually the first to quantify the benefits of high sodium consumption for POTS patients -- including Hyperadrenergic POTS -- with empirical methods.

While the high sodium diet improved both blood volume and the body's responses to upright positions on a tilt table test, it is important to note that blood volume was still reduced in these patients -- in other words, salt alone isn't enough to fix this syndrome.

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