Holiday Greetings from STAT Health!

Warm holiday greetings from all of us at STAT Health! We've been quiet for a while, focused on building your STAT, but we know we are due for an update!

Our 30 Day Crowdfunding Campaign was a whirlwind, and we really felt your love and support. Whether you managed to place an order, or plan to order when the time is right, your enthusiasm for what STAT will mean for better treatments and symptoms management of orthostatic syndromes like POTS, Long Covid, ME/CFS and more is SO inspiring! Your need is real, and these invisible conditions deserve solutions.

Some of the work we’ve been immersed in lately:

  • Growing our team and building out our capabilities with the specialized equipment necessary to make our miniature in-ear devices.
  • Building STAT units for research happening at Harvard, Mass General Brigham, and MIT. This research is focused on further validating STAT against other advanced methods of measuring blood flow to the head. The more we can publish groundbreaking research studies involving STAT, not only will this improve patient care and outcomes in and of itself, but every publication brings STAT one step closer to eligibility for insurance coverage and approval for medical device use.
  • Critically examining the material compositions we use, to ensure STAT will be skin-friendly and low toxicity — this is a hot topic informing every choice we are making! We are mast cell and allergy aware.
  • Obsessing on ear fit! It is important to us that the STAT device will work for the highest possible percentage of ears — elves included! — and it is no small challenge to develop a user-friendly process to fit you remotely. Even more tricky? We want that process to be as accessible as possible.
  • Building out the app experience, which will take you on an interactive journey of discovery. More on that coming soon!

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