Financial Assistance Program

What is the STAT Device?

At STAT Health, we have created a completely new technology to help improve the lives of people affected by conditions like POTS, Dysautonomia, Long Covid, and other Orthostatic Syndromes.

The STAT wearable in-ear device tracks drops in blood flow to the head. This technology has never existed before, and outside of a few select autonomic laboratories around the world, most doctors cannot measure this phenomenon.

Getting the STAT device approved for medical use and covered by insurance is a process that will take many years, and we are working ardently toward that goal. In the meantime, we are bringing STAT directly to the people, at the lowest price we can safely offer at this time.

We realize that despite our best efforts, this is still not financially accessible for everyone who could benefit. Fortunately, many people expressed a desire to contribute toward a financial assistance program during our launch campaign.

With those generous donors, and the help of the STAT Patient Advisory Council — a group of individuals themselves deeply affected by Orthostatic Intolerance — we are excited to make this a reality.

Give-A-STAT Financial Assistance Program: Expected Timeline

Funding of the Gift-A-STAT Financial Assistance program has already begun with the STAT pre-order launch. 

As of now, the STAT device and membership program is not yet a finished device ready to ship — we are still in pre-orders and ongoing development.

The expected timeline (subject to change) is as follows:

March 2024: The Patient Advisory Council will finalize selection criteria for the program, to help determine who will benefit most from how the device functions, how to establish financial need, and help ensure more equitable access for disadvantaged and under-served individuals.
  • April 2024: Program announcements with this criteria will be sent to interested individuals, so they will have ample lead time to gather any information and supporting documents.
  • June 2024: Open call for Financial Assistance applications.
  • July 2024: The Patient Advisory Council will review applications and select recipients.
  • August 2024: All applicants will be notified of the result of their application.
  • September-December 2024: Individuals receiving Financial Assistance offers will be onboarded to the program.
  • Future: The Patient Advisory Council will review the activity of donor contributions, and make a recommendation on what an ongoing financial assistance program might sustainably look like.

Will STAT Be Right For Me?

We must qualify expectations that STAT may not be a fit for every person and situation. While we will announce detailed Financial Assistance eligibility and selection criteria according to the timeline above, in the meantime it is important to share:

  • STAT devices shipped in 2024 will likely require an iPhone to use. While we hope to eventually include Android users in our STAT community, for devices shipping according to the above timeline, that is possible only for Apple iPhone users.
  • STAT cannot fit every ear. We anticipate that up to 10% of individuals may have an ear shape that our device cannot yet readily fit.
  • STAT will be useful in people whose medical conditions cause a drop in blood flow to the head during standing or upright postures. If dizziness, visual disturbances or other symptoms are caused by a different pathology, such as BPPV or Migraine, you may not benefit from STAT. We will be screening applicants with qualifier questions, in the hopes of making sure every recipient can truly benefit.

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30-40% of people affected by these conditions are under financial hardship, making STAT inaccessible to them at this time. This optional add-on helps cover the STAT Initiation Fee for people in financial hardship - STAT User Advisors will be entrusted to select applicants.